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21 May, 2005

"Japanese Style" Dancing

Last night I performed a "Japanese Style" dance at a resturant. I was still quite nervous about performing, but I was much more confident this time round - and did a better job :]

This time round, I wore my gray/orange kimono that has patterns of kiku, ume, take, matsu and some others - it has longer sleeves than my other kimono - so it was much more visually appealing in the dance. I made a make-shift obi-age out of a light/dark purple silk fabric I have, but I really should have made it out of green, I think - that would have contrasted much nicer against the outfit. I had to wear my same red-white obi-jime as well... I don't have any others! :P I think when I make my green obi-age, I'll make a matching obi-jime.

This time round - I was able to tie my obi myself - rather than having to resort to using a two piece obi. I finally taught myself how to tie my obi at the front - it makes it SO much easier! I didn't do the best job - but, it held up good...so I think I'm on the right track!

Anyhow - photos!

The back of my hairstyle:

Dance photos! (pardon how grainy/blurry/dark they are - it was hard for Alex to take a good photo in that light)
The song I dance to is called "autumn sorrow" - so I made up a dance with the storyline of a young girl falling for a guy while viewing maple leaves...she tries to keep him...but in the end he spurns her. Hence the happy smile at the beginning...and the sadder face towards the end.

I'm just not sure if I can get used to dancing in public yet! :P

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