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03 April, 2005

New Idea - Tabi Pouches

I received a box of new vintage kimono fabric on Thursday. I was absolutely thrilled with the fabric selection - very lush. I decided the first thing I'd make using the fabric would be tabi pouches. I figured they would come in handy for those who like to dress in kimono (and for other things, also!)

I ended up making two. the first one was too small both in width and height for my own tabi. Well, for the averaged sized shoe person - it would be perfect. But, for big ol' clown size 10 feet me...I had to adjust. So after making the first pouch - I re-adjusted my pattern, and make a second pouch. Second time round, I was a happy camper.

First one to the right - second, to the left.

I used kuro tomesode silk for the body of the pouches. For the second pouch, I used silk fabric from a little girl's kimono. I absolutely adore the pattern on it.

Mark I

Mark II

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