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21 March, 2005

Children' Hakama

Two days before the local Hatsume festival a few weeks ago, I received an email from my friend asking if I could make a pair of hakama for her son.

Her son just turned 2 years old a week ago. So, I was going to be making a tiny pair of hakama to match his daddy's pair. I didn't have a pair of hakama in the house to use as reference - so I had to do serious research online and in my kimono books.

I ended up drafting and constructing them mostly from my own asumptions, but, I did find information on these particular websites somewhat helpful:

Constructing Men's Hakama

Instructions for sewing hakama pants

Underneath it All <-- this is the page that was the most useful.

The end result wasn't perfect, but I figured for my first pair of hakama, ever, they were relatively okay. The hardest part was getting the pleats correct in relation to the waist measurements and then starching and ironing them.

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