25 November, 2007 

  At long last, an update!

Hi everyone!

Due to a move to the West Coast, along with full time work and other various special projects over the last couple of years, PuchiMaiko has been retired for the time being. This is not to say we'll never work on PuchiMaiko items again. Oh, no! It just means that right now we are unfortunately far to busy with other things to devote the time and attention needed to produce high quality items. When we are ready to resume, though, you'll hear about it here first!

In the meanwhile, if you would like to see what I've been up to, please feel free to visit either my kimono website:

Or the Immortal Geisha Forums:

Thank-you for all the wonderful support over the years, and I hope to see you around on my other websites.

Kind Regards,