25 November, 2007 

  At long last, an update!

Hi everyone!

Due to a move to the West Coast, along with full time work and other various special projects over the last couple of years, PuchiMaiko has been retired for the time being. This is not to say we'll never work on PuchiMaiko items again. Oh, no! It just means that right now we are unfortunately far to busy with other things to devote the time and attention needed to produce high quality items. When we are ready to resume, though, you'll hear about it here first!

In the meanwhile, if you would like to see what I've been up to, please feel free to visit either my kimono website:

Or the Immortal Geisha Forums:

Thank-you for all the wonderful support over the years, and I hope to see you around on my other websites.

Kind Regards,

07 December, 2005 

  PuchiMaiko.com Website Update!

PuchiMaiko Store Update

PuchiMaiko.com has been updated with over 40 new kanzashi,
11 new keyrings and 5 new bags. Fun!

Click Here to visit the store!

22 November, 2005 

  Black Sheep Craft Fair

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the Black Sheep Craft Fair on the 3rd and 4th of December. If you are in the South Florida area - be sure to drop by and pay PuchiMaiko a visit!

Black Sheep Website

We are still looking for more vendors - so if you are interested in having a stall at the Black Sheep Craft Fair you can join up to the Miami Craft Mafia Yahoo Group:


Or you can email the organizer, Heather at "ragamufyn @ yahoo.com" (minus spaces). The fee is $15 for one day or $25 for both days. If you don't want to participate, but know someone who does - pass this information on to them :) The more, the merrier!

19 November, 2005 

  Big Update!

PuchiMaiko has just been updated with:

Snazzy new kimonolets!

Snazzy new Victorian inspired brooches!

Snazzy new Koshi Himo!

10 November, 2005 

  Chic Indigo Kimono

This morning I dressed up in my indigo kimono I purchased early October. I fell lin love with this kimono because the indigo was just so vibrant and the pink and turquoise hanabishi pattern completely won me over.

I decided to pair the kimono with my rasberry red hakata obi (the first photograph gives the true colours). I also tied one of the new PuchiMaiko koshi-himo around the bottom part of the obi as an accessory to see what it would look like.

I wore my orange juban because my other juban are currently being converted to two piece juban sets. I have to admit - I was surprised with how nice the orange went with the outfit! It was quite unexpected. I think I will make a thin orange "belt" to wear with this outfit next time.

Last, but not least - I decided to do my hair in a Taisho-chic style. I often see similar hairstyles in shin hanga prints - and I love how it looks.

Please do pardon my kitsuke. It is still sloppy and I need more practice!

26 October, 2005 

  Victorian Cameo Brooch From Kimono Fabric

In addition to my deep love of traditional Japanese clothing and textiles - I also adore Victorian era clothing and accessories. I had been wondering how I could combine my two loves into one for quite some time and I decided to give it a go:

It is made from three different fabrics - two obi brocades and the brown rinzu which dates back to late Meiji / early Taisho era. The lace is vintage and it is accented by faux pearl strings.

I'm quite happy with the look of this - I think we'll be seeing some of these popping up on PuchiMaiko very soon!

20 October, 2005 

  Kimono Fabric Necklaces

I made a few more kimono fabric necklaces and updated the store with them. I used the same concept as before - but I experimented a little bit with the style of them. I'm very happy with these.

Flat View Close Up

Flat View Close Up

Flat View Close Up

Flat View Close Up

Flat View Close Up

Flat View Close Up

Flat View Close Up


  Kimono Fabric Silk Scarves

I finally got around to taking photographs of my scarves and listing them on PuchiMaiko.

I love how these scarves came out - I need to make more!

Pink and Red Scarf:

Close-up 1 Close-up 2

Autumn Shibori Scarf:

Close-up 1

Fire Orange Scarf:

Close-up 1 Close-up 1

Smaller Blue Scarf: