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26 April, 2005

Another Tabi Pouch

I made another tabi pouch, this time, using this absolutely gorgeous fabric from a haori I rescued from a vintage clothing store. I had my eye on this haori for three years. When I first saw it, it was $250...yet, it had a tear across the shouder from being hung on a normal plastic clothing hanger. A year later, I saw it again marked down to $150 - and the tear was larger, and beyond repair. I admired the fabric and left. Six months ago...I saw it again, and it had been marked down to $20 with the tear even larger. The price was right for me - as I wanted it for the fabric...and it became mine. I believe, due to the style of the haori and the patterns, it is from late Meiji or early Taisho era - however, I'm no expert in dating kimono fabrics properly yet. I'm pretty certain this haori is for autumn - it has loose maple leaf rinzu in the background - and the leaves look to be grape leaves. The leaves have been hand painted - and the embroidery on it is so tiny, I didn't even realize at first. The lining was just a fantastic pattern. Despite the large tear across the shoulders - the fabric in the rest of the haori (furisode haori, at that) was in amazing, excellent condition, aside from minor age spots in the silk.

Anyhow - enough talk and on with the photos!

The pouch:

Hint of the lining:

View of the inside lining:

Detail of the pattern - if you look hard enough, you might see some of the embroidery:

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