26 June, 2005 

  New Kanzashi and other goodies!

With my 2 week trip to Australia coming up terribly fast (13th July I leave - argh!) I've been crafting up a storm trying to get a bunch of stuff finished before I go.

I decided to challenge myself to make cute, bright and summery kanzashi flowers rather than the subtle ones I tend to make. Let me tell you - I'm glad I did that, because I am totally happy with this batch of flowers. I really needed a bright candy coloured infusion!

I also made these two spring clip barrettes:

And last, but not least - my new favourite project! One of my absolute favourite traditional Japanese motif is the Chidori (or, plover, in English). It is the crest of the Pontocho geisha district in Kyoto - along with being a very popular pattern on kimono. I normally don't like bird motifs much - but, the chidori is so happy and plump- I cannot help it! So, I decided to make a line of chidori goodies - starting with a brooch:

It is made from super sculpy and hand-painted. Isn't it cute? I cannot wait to make more!

18 June, 2005 

  Kanoko Shibori Dear

Tonight, I made a deer!

I wanted to make something fun...I figured that deers are fun, so why not?

He is made from teal/green coloured kanoko shibori silk and purple kimono fabric.

Now I have a question for you: Would you like to see cute little stuffies like this on PuchiMaiko? They are lots of fun to make, but I am not sure of what the stuffies market is like.

16 June, 2005 

  Featured on CraftRevolution!

Wow. PuchiMaiko kanzashi are featured on CraftRevolution today! <3


[Edit: Visit Puchi Press Page! http://www.puchimaiko.com/catalog/puchipress.php]

13 June, 2005 

  Kimono Fabric "Patchwork" Belts!

Today I made a bunch of D-Ring belts using vintage kimono cottons and silks. I must say, this was an awful lot of fun! Some of the belts are constructed in a patchwork sort of way, because I only had thin strips of fabric left. Personally, I think it added to the character of each. I also made each reversible. Yay!

The rest are these amazing vintage cottons - such fantastic patterns and colours :]


  Kimono Fabric Handbags

I made some new bags over the weekend – I was pretty driven and it felt good – nothing else mattered except me and the sewing machine :]

I hope you like.

The Bags:

Made from Obi Fabric:


Cute Girly Fabric and Kanoko Shibori (rawr!)



Beautiful Brocade



04 June, 2005 

  Inspiring Sites

I love coming across websites with amazing forms of Traditional Japanese Arts. Especially in doll form!

you MUST visit the website!

How inspiring is that? :)