22 November, 2005 

  Black Sheep Craft Fair

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the Black Sheep Craft Fair on the 3rd and 4th of December. If you are in the South Florida area - be sure to drop by and pay PuchiMaiko a visit!

Black Sheep Website

We are still looking for more vendors - so if you are interested in having a stall at the Black Sheep Craft Fair you can join up to the Miami Craft Mafia Yahoo Group:


Or you can email the organizer, Heather at "ragamufyn @ yahoo.com" (minus spaces). The fee is $15 for one day or $25 for both days. If you don't want to participate, but know someone who does - pass this information on to them :) The more, the merrier!

19 November, 2005 

  Big Update!

PuchiMaiko has just been updated with:

Snazzy new kimonolets!

Snazzy new Victorian inspired brooches!

Snazzy new Koshi Himo!

10 November, 2005 

  Chic Indigo Kimono

This morning I dressed up in my indigo kimono I purchased early October. I fell lin love with this kimono because the indigo was just so vibrant and the pink and turquoise hanabishi pattern completely won me over.

I decided to pair the kimono with my rasberry red hakata obi (the first photograph gives the true colours). I also tied one of the new PuchiMaiko koshi-himo around the bottom part of the obi as an accessory to see what it would look like.

I wore my orange juban because my other juban are currently being converted to two piece juban sets. I have to admit - I was surprised with how nice the orange went with the outfit! It was quite unexpected. I think I will make a thin orange "belt" to wear with this outfit next time.

Last, but not least - I decided to do my hair in a Taisho-chic style. I often see similar hairstyles in shin hanga prints - and I love how it looks.

Please do pardon my kitsuke. It is still sloppy and I need more practice!