21 September, 2005 

  Fun Items

Here are some cute test items and belt/kanzashi I made today for fun. What do you think of them?

Reversible belt: black and white kanoko shibori on one side and plain black silk on the other with a kamon.
An owl with brown plaid silk for the back and brown kanoko shibori for the front:

Cat toys made with scrap kimono fabric. Patterned on the front and plain black silk on the back:

A new handbag design:

Front is obi fabric with hand sewn faux pearls - back is brown/fawn coloured rinzu silk which dates back to either late Meiji or early Taisho era.

Lining is very cute silk juban fabric with chrysanthemums

20 September, 2005 

  Featured in East West Woman!

PuchiMaiko has been updated with gorgeous new Kanzashi and goodies! Featured in the July/August issue of EastWest Woman - these kanzashi are the perfect accent for many fashion styles: elegant Lolita, wa-loli, goth , fruits, shabby chic, retro, sophisticated, just to name a few! Of course - PuchiMaiko kanzashi are also perfect to be work with kimono as well!

All kanzashi and accessories are made from scrumptiously luxurious vintage kimono fabric with the utmost care and detail paid to each individual piece.

17 September, 2005 

  Puchi Updates

Now - I've successfully made a few updates to www.puchimaiko.com, namely:
- Updating the links page
- Finally creating the press page
- New graphic for the homepage
_ Misc behind the scene updates

I just need to create a customer gallery page now. I have a couple of other non-product informational pages planned also.

Today, I finally managed to take photographs of the new tsumami kanzashi flowers I made. I also added them to the website.

I've also cut out fabric for a gazillion bags and accessories - I just need to sew them all together now!

08 September, 2005 

  PuchiMaiko Updated with Fabric

Puchimaiko.com has been updated with new fabric scrap bags and fabric pieces for crafts!

06 September, 2005 

  Yukata Fun

I had friends from out of town visiting for the night. We decided to have dinner at a Japanese place. For fun and for an excuse to wear kimono - we dressed in yukata!

This was the first oportunity I had to try my rasberry red hakata obi with my yukata. At first, I was concerned it might be a bit to bright against the purple - but the colours actually went together fantastic.

Photographs after we returned home from the resturant (I am in purple - see my cute bag/kinchaku I made to match my yukata?):

Showing off our musubi: