07 July, 2005 

  New Kimono Fabric

I received a new bundle of fabric and boy, there are some fantastic pieces! Here are photographs of some of the fabric I received. So many pretty pieces that I am seriously overwhelmed - I honestly don't know what to start sewing with or what to make from them!

06 July, 2005 

  Chidori Obi!

Yesterday I received my chidori obi in the package from Japan. I was thrilled with it.

I dressed up rather roughly tonight just to see what it looks like. Please pardon my kitsuke, it is lazy and bad - I just did a very quick half job. Also - I need to press the kimono. In addition to trying on my new obi - I also tried on one of the new juban I received. It is -almost- the perfect length for me - short by about 5-10cm. I will be creating a two-piece out of it. Anyhow - photos (pardon the off colours - the lighting is terrible in here at night oh and - I took the photos in a mirror so I didn't dress with my collar overlapping the wrong way - don't panic!).

Full View:


Notes: Of course, I'd never wear a heavy shibori obi-age with this outside the house! I would probably wear a bright pink/red coloured obi-age with this. I do have to say that I particularly like the red and white obi-jime contrasting the blue though.